Watch the video or follow the steps below to change the Step Target setting on your pedometer:

Please note: Step target can be set to 100's up to 1000, then 1000's up to 10,000, then 10,000's upwards (E.g. the next step target after 10,000 is 20,000).

Please note: When you enter setup mode (blinking "12hr" or "24Hr" icon) your pedometer will exit setup if no buttons are pressed for more than 10 seconds.

1. Make sure that you are in the correct Step Mode. Setup/settings can only be accessed from Step Mode. Hit the MODE button until you see the 'Step' icon at the top of the display and the default Time under the line.
'-01 Days Record' icon must not be displayed (If you do see '-01 Days Record', hit the MODE button twice to get to Step mode).

2. Hold down SET and release when you see 12Hr / 24Hr blinking.
3. Hit SET 10 times to pass settings to get to your Step Target setting.
4. Hit MODE or RES to change your step target.
5. Leave your pedometer idle for 10 seconds to exit setup mode. Your changes are saved and your pedometer will be back in Step mode.

For a detailed demonstration and explanation of all settings please watch the full setup video. Click here to watch the 3DTriSport Setup Video.

If you need support or have any questions, please contact us by clicking 
(or click on the 'New support ticket' option on the top-right of this page).
You can also contact us by referring to our contact information printed on the front of your 3DTriSport Pedometer User Manual.