Your 3DTriSport Pedometer has 6 Modes. Press the MODE button to browse each mode along the top of the screen in the following circuit order: Step mode, Distance mode, Calories mode, Exercise Time mode, 30 Days Record mode and Total Step mode.

There are 2 modes which use the single 'Step' icon at the top of the display but 1 of them also displays a '-01 Days Record' icon which identifies their difference apart.


The first 4 modes listed below automatically reset at midnight ready to track for a new day (As long as the correct time is set on your pedometer):


- STEP MODE ('Step' icon AND the time displayed on the bottom-half of the screen): Your daily step count.

- DISTANCE MODE ('Km' or 'Mile' icon): Your daily distance walked.

- CALORIES MODE ('Kcal' icon): Your daily calories burnt.

- EXERCISE TIME MODE ('Min' icon): Your daily record of time spent walking/running.


The last 2 modes listed below do not reset at midnight because they store and display your previous days records:


- DAILY MEMORY MODE / DAYS RECORD MODE (also uses the 'Step' icon but '-01 Days Record' is also displayed on the bottom-right of the display. The time is not displayed on this mode): Displays your previous days records (1 day ago will display as '-01', then '-02', '-03'..) In this mode, press RES to browse each previous day, then press SET to browse through your records for the selected day.

- TOTAL STEP MODE ('Total Step' icon): Displays your total accumulated records since your pedometer was activated/ factory reset. In this mode, press SET to browse your total records for each of the pedometers modes.


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You can also contact us by referring to our contact information printed on the front of your 3DTriSport Pedometer User Manual.